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March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

In an effort to alleviate the anxiety, and the boredom, attendant on being a responsible citizen in this very serious situation, we propose thirty days of minor entertainment.

Modelled after Boccaccio’s Decameron, Shrubsole’s Terzameron, or, Thirty Stories in Silver, is unlikely to eclipse that masterpiece. But like Boccaccio’s ten exiles from Florence, we three (Tim, Jim, Ben) are cooped up in a time of pestilence. We need to entertain ourselves. We need to continue to sell silver. And we love to proselytize for this beautiful stuff.

This is a series of 30 stories, told in 30 daily emails, and collected here for your convenience:

day1 Day 1: Life in Miniature day2 Day 2: “No respecter of persons” day3 Day 3: The Customer Is Always Right Eventually
eos Day 4: Nothin’ But a Hound-Dog day5 Day 5: Marriage à la Mode, Part I day6 Day 6: Marriage à la Mode, Part II
day7 Day 7: Coincidence? I Think So… Day 8: Trickle Down, or Siphon Off? day8 Day 9: Commander & Commando
day10 Day 10: Keeping it Together day11 Day 11: Fair Trade day12 Day 12: Knowledge is Power
day13 Day 13: Sauce Boats or Saucers? day14 Day 14: One Fateful Day day15 Day 15: Anecdote of the Tankard
moon-jar Day 16: Living Up to My Blue China Day 17: The American-ness of American Art Day 18: Falling in Love
Day 19: Making a Collector Day 20: Wouldn’t You Like to Melt Me Down? Day 21: Industrial Evolution, Part I
Day 22: Industrial Evolution, Part II Day 23: An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Part I Day 24: An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Part II
Day 25: An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Part III Day 26: Once More Into the Weeds, Dear Friends! Day 27: The Best Policy
Day 28: Sentimental Silver Day 29: Last of its Tribe Day 30: Dialectical Materialism
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  • Jeffrey Herman

    I love reading these beautiful, engrossing stories. Always looking forward to the next installment!

  • Jeffrey Ying

    Great posts, highly entertaining.