Who We Are

Founded in London in 1912, S.J. Shrubsole opened a New York branch in 1936, under the direction of Eric N. Shrubsole. Mr. Shrubsole spent that year driving a black Packard, laden with silver and letters of introduction, to virtually every major city in America. By the time he returned a year later, he had laid the foundations for what would become one of America’s finest antique shops.

Since then, we have worked with some of the world’s greatest collectors, from the serious, such as Irwin Untermyer and H.F. duPont, to the compulsive, such as Arthur Gilbert and William Randolph Hearst, to the compulsively unserious, such as Groucho Marx, who on being told that everything in the shop was antique and English, pointed his cigar at our porter and asked “even him?”

We handle the greatest pieces in the world: the Sutherland Wine Cistern in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Ashburnham Centerpiece in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Elizabethan Ewer and Basin in the Boston MFA, and a great Belle Epoque necklace by Dreicer & Co. at the Met, were all bought and sold by us and represent a tiny portion of the great treasures that pass through our shop. Our expertise and enthusiasm are unmatched, and museums and collectors all over the world turn to us for advice, opinions, and valuations. 

Finally, we pride ourselves on customer service, and on helping people with items large and small. If you are looking for a gift for $500, or a major piece of silver for a couple of million, you’re in the right place.

Our staff will be happy to help you with any purchase, large or small.  Welcome!



Tim Martin, President.  Tim started working for his Stepfather, Eric Shrubsole, immediately after college, thinking that sitting around a shop would be a good way to figure out whether he wanted to go into journalism, or academics.  But because he spent so much time staring at silver—in particular, a magical tankard in his step-father’s apartment--he fell in love with the medium and began to take the job seriously.  His expertise is now widely recognized.  He is on the vetting committees at the Winter Antiques Show, the International Antiques Show, and TEFAF Maastricht, and he is the first American member of the Antique Plate Committee at the Goldsmith’s Hall in London.  Tim is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and Columbia College in New York. He also spent a gap year at Marlborough College, in Wiltshire.


Jim McConnaughy, Senior Vice President.  Jim was raised in a family where big-business success was a high value, so, naturally, he gave up his career in finance to pursue his true interest, antiques.  He is a graduate of the Collegiate School, in New York, Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and Stern School of Business at NYU.


Mary Braren, Accounts & Logistics.  Mary handles all book-keeping and accounting issues, as well as shipping, whether goods or staff.  Mary is a graduate of Columbia University in New York.


Benjamin Miller, Director of Research. Ben was raised in Tennessee and couldn't help but develop an attachment to antiques--whether fine English furniture or backwoods lawn art. He graduated from Yale and is doing his best to squander his education, playing with shiny old metal objects instead of shiny new financial instruments.


Richard Patterson, Porter.  Richard began his career in the antiques business with ADC Heritage on Park Avenue.  He has been handling old silver for nearly thirty years.